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Eqvista – Issue and manage company shares

With your company ready and in place, have you decided how to keep tabs on the shares of the company? Being an entrepreneur and the founder of your company, it is essential for you to keep track of all the ownership in shares of the company. For this, you should explore using the Eqvista software. Eqvista is a great cap table application and is free of cost.

To explain better, below is an introduction to what a cap table is and how a cap table software can help you once you have started your business.

Introduction to Cap Table

A cap table is a spreadsheet that an early-stage venture or a startup uses to list all the securities of the company. The securities here include preferred shares, common shares, warrants, prices paid by the investors for the securities and who owns them. This registers the percentage of the ownership of each investor, the value of the stocks they hold and their dilution over time.

Before many of the other company documents, cap tables are created in a startup or early-stage venture for managing the company shares. After the various rounds of funding for the company, the cap table can become highly complicated. At this point, the cap table would hold information about the potential funding sources, the mergers and acquisitions, purchases and transfers of share and any other related transaction.

Other than recording the transactions that take place in the company, the cap table also holds many other legal documents regarding the conversion of debt to equity, cancellations, transfers, stock issuances, and any other such documents. The founders or shareholders must have all these transactions and documents recorded accurately. The simplest form of a cap table has the shareholders listed from the beginning and how much percentage of the company they own.

To be clearer on the idea, maintaining a complex cap table can be highly tiresome, but it is essential for many reasons, such as:

  • If you are looking for outside investment, the investors would want to see who is in control of the company, the forecasted payouts, along with the dilution under specific scenarios.
  • If you are about to offer equity compensation to the employees of your company, they would be able to see the real-time value of the options they own.
  • Potential investors would be able to evaluate the amount of control and leverage that can be maintained during a negotiation.
  • When negotiating the current valuation for new funding rounds, the historical insights of the ownership in the company can assist you.
  • When the IRS visits for an audit, a well-managed cap table would be able to show the IRS officers of your company’s history of holdings, making the audit easier.
  • You would be able to see how much percentage to give new investors when raising funds in a funding round.

With this idea, let us move back to using the right cap table software that would help you in organizing and managing your company’s shares. The right software we are talking about here is – Eqvista!

What is Eqvista?

Eqvista is a sophisticated software to help ease the burden on busy founders. It is an efficient and cost effective way to handle the cap table and manage the shares of the company.

With the use of Eqvista, founders can properly manage their company’s share ownership, and be aware of any possible errors that may lead to forensic audits later on. Eqvista handles all these errors and solve the issues automatically. These errors can include delays in share transfers, and can drive away investors and cost your company. With the Eqvista software, these issues are solved. Entrepreneurs can easily record and manage the stocks of a company here.

Here are some of the key advantages of the Eqvista software:

  • Eqvista would assist you in filing your company with your Division of Corporations of your state.
  • All the shares of your company would be handled by Eqvista in a transparent manner.
  • The software would accurately calculate the corporate items like stock splits and dividends.
  • It would reduce manual work and eliminates the need to rely on third party databases.
  • The management of the cap table would display a clear provenance record.
  • A direct communication link would be set between investors and the issuers.
  • The software is free of cost to use.

Still not sure why is Eqvista the right cap table software for you from all the others available online? Well, the below features & benefits would help you understand what makes it worth a try!

Eqvista Features & Benefits

Eliminate any of the time-consuming calculations and paperwork as you issue shares and engage with all the shareholders in your company to make smarter equity decisions with Eqvista. The advantages & features of Eqvista are:

Share Management on Cloud

You would be able to manage all the shares of your company all in one place with the help of our team. It would be easy for you to issue new shares, transfer existing shares, and many other things. Everything would be taken care of online on the cloud. With everything on the cloud, you would be able to make smart decisions and see your company standing anytime.

Company Incorporation

As soon as your business idea is ready and you have your mind set, Eqvista can help you to incorporate your company. The dedicated team would help you to set up your company in no time so that you can begin operating your business.

Issuing Electronic Stocks in Seconds

With the help of Eqvista, you can say goodbye to all the paperwork and begin to issue certificated or uncertificated shares electronically. It would help you start off giving out equity in the right way. It would also help you save money by getting rid of Excel ledgers and paper stock certificates.

Manage Your Shareholders

You would no longer have to spend time searching for equity records again. You would have a portal for shareholders, where you can keep an eye on every transaction taking place online. Also, the information is automatically saved and you can access at any time when you need it.

Defensible 409A Valuations

The team at Eqvista would help you in preparing your independent and defensible 409A valuation within just a few business days. Eqvista has an accredited valuation official who would take care of all the details. Our valuations would be highly accurate and fast. This would help you have safe harbor from the IRS. Moreover, the valuation would help you raise capital from various investors. Our prices are comparable to other service providers, so you would save on having your cap table and 409A valuation all done in one place.

Less Time Spent on Data Entry

Data entry can be something of a bore. With Eqvista, you don’t have to spend time entering options grants into an old antiquated system for a client. Instead, you can easily enter many transactions all at once with this software.

Scenario Modelling

Allow Eqvista to take care of all the complicated scenario planning. Instead of spending time and creating models that may not be accurate for your situation, let the team at Eqvista handle all of it. With a good amount of experience in the industry, you would be able to make accurate equity decisions with the help of Eqvista.

Offload Any Compliance Headache & Stay Compliant

From ASC 718 stock expensing to ISO limits and Rule 701 compliance, Eqvista would help you stay compliant. Eqvista would be able to take the burden off your shoulders and help you with all the equity-related compliance problems.

You can get back to your work growing your business as Eqvista takes care of the year-end annual tax reports, Forms 3921 and 3922, ASC 718, 409A, and also the K1s for LLCs.

Sharing Information With Others

Share the cap table for all the transactions in a company. With Eqvista, you would be able to flexibly share the limited or full access with shareholders or your clients. As there are many moving pieces to a cap table, you can share the important details with the lawyers, accountants, shareholders, founders, and others as per your needs. Other than this, you can also download the reports to view them offline.

Model New Funding Rounds

Save money and make your cap table look organized for your potential investors. By performing all the transactions online on the cloud with Eqvista, you would be able to view everything in one place and show the same to the investors. Moreover, with the help of the dedicated team in Eqvista, you would be able to make the right decisions for the next capital round.

Free Of Cost

The best thing about this software is that it is free to use! You would not have pay anything for using the Eqvista software to maintain your cap table. Although, we do offer more paid packages for 409a valuations and other compliance needs for your company.

Check out Eqvista NOW!

If you have been asking yourself how to go about the shares and equity issues in your company, then Eqvista is the right software for you. Eqvista is group of entrepreneurs, software developers, valuation professionals, lawyers, and accountants who have come together to give you all the help you need with equity in the right and best way possible.

With information on equity so hard to find and harder to follow, Eqvista decided to make a change. If you want to know more details on the various compliance needs, the rules around equity, how equity is offered, the various plans, you can check the blog and guide to get all the information you need. And in case you do not get the answer to your question, you can contact Eqvista directly and ask them.

All-in-all, incorporate your company, issue stocks and manage the equity all in one place. Eqvista would transform your company as you manage all the company shares, valuations and more through it effectively and easily. Join now and enjoy all the benefits of this system!