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How it works

Profit Tax Return

Inland Revenue Department issues the first PTR (Profit Tax Return) within one to two months before the second anniversary of the incorporation.

Financial Year

The first financial year of a Hong Kong company commences on the first day of the first accounting reference period and ends on the last day of the period.

Accounting Reference Period

A company shall determine its accounting reference period to which the company’s annual financial statements will be prepared.


Financial Year end as atTax Filing DateDocuments Ready for Audit
a) 31st of March15th of NovemberNot later than 1st of September
b) 31st of December15th of AugustNot later than 1st of June
Other dates than a) or b) e.g. 30th of June30th AprilNot later than mid of February

The profit tax rate for corporations in Hong Kong is 16.5%.


For more information about the taxation in Hong Kong click here.


In accordance with the requiretments of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, every company incorporated in Hong Kong must keep proper books of accounts and prepare annual reports containing audited financial statements for the current year, balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit and loss acount, and these financial statements must be signed off by a certified public accountant. The first audited financial statements shall cover a period not longer than 18 months from the incorporation date.