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Start your new Hong Kong company & Open a bank account, ALL ONLINE!

Banking Overview in Hong Kong

Are you interested in opening bank accounts in Hong Kong or do you need more information about banking? That is the reason why we’ve prepared these 8 articles, that will show you everything you need to know about it.

Here’s a simple guide for you to read before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey in HK. It should serve as general information when considering which bank institutions to use. Depending on the type and size of your own business, you may open an account either in person or remotely. Both are viable options. You may also reach out to us for assistance, as we have a team of experts ready to help you.

How to open a bank account in Hong Kong

This article is all about the process and benefits of opening a bank account in Hong Kong, whether you are resident or non-resident or whether you want to go with globally-recognized or offshore banking institutions. You may review our list of prominent bank institutions and select one to go with. However, some of these banks have stringent application requirements, so you may want to learn as much as you can about the bank’s expectations before submitting your application. We prepared a savvy guide for you to follow and read.

How to Choose Your Bank in Hong Kong?

When choosing a bank, you must look at two things: your own company needs and the source of income. Some banks have strict Know-Your-Customer rules and regulations, and if you cannot prove your company transactions, it is unlikely you will be approved for a bank account.

Do your research early and do not take the risk if you don’t understand. Reach out to us and avoid delays in getting an approved bank account!

Open an offshore bank account for Hong Kong Business

You might be familiar with an offshore bank account for the Hong Kong business, but do you know everything about the procedure and documents required to submit the offshore bank application? An offshore bank account is an account that is not located in the same company where your business is incorporated.

Alternatives to Hong Kong Bank Account

You must have clarity for the challenges and restrictions that you may have to face while choosing a corporate bank account. This article is all about the alternatives to opening a bank account in Hong Kong.

In addition to traditional banks in Singapore, Mauritius, or Puerto Rico, this is one you should take note of. It’s easy and fast to open, and all transactions are done online, whether on your desktop or mobile.

Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Hong Kong

This guide will help if you are struggling to choose the best corporate bank account that matches your business requirements. We have gathered all the important information and features of a corporate bank account across major banks in Hong Kong. All the major banks in Hong Kong, whether local or international, have designed its products and services to address every business’s needs. Read further if you’d like to know the specifics to getting a corporate account approved.

Requirements for opening a bank account in Hong Kong

This article contains more information about the requirements for opening a bank account in HK. It’s no wonder why HK is a top place to visit and do business in. It’s because the government makes it easy to do so, though the policies can be challenging for those new to Hong Kong. With our expertise, we’ll take you through the process along with consulting you on the type of bank your company needs.

The History of Hong Kong’s Banks

Have you ever wondered how Asia’s World City became a top choice on the continent for doing business? Here’s some history behind how the city emerged as a profitable center for many corporations, large and small.

The rapid growth of licensed banks allowed Hong Kong to attract both talent and new business since the 1800s. Learn how the first banks started and what their influence is on the world today.

Bank Account in Hong Kong For Non-Resident and Foreigners

For non-resident and foreigners hoping to make a mark in Hong Kong’s business world, you may have heard through the grapevine that it is actually difficult for you to open a bank account. While it may be true, you can do some research on the types of banks available to you and even opt for a progressive payments style that allows you to tap into your finances at any time of the day, regardless of where you are at the moment.