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Start your new Hong Kong company & Open a bank account, ALL ONLINE!


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Other information about registration a company in Hong Kong can be found on the web GovHK.

1) Time to establish one company?

24 hours

2) Type of Company?

Private Limited

3) Minimum share capital?

  • $1 HK
  • Members & Director?
  • One (the same person)

4) Local Shareholders/Directors Required?


5) Tax on Offshore Profits required?

No, as long as you’ve successfully applied for official tax exemption with IRD.

6) Recommended authorized share capital?

1,000 HKD

7) Location of annual meeting?


8) What are yearly and other requirements?

  • Annual return (includes list of officers & directors) must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of initial registration date, along with a $25 USD fee.
  • We remind you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before due date.
  • Inland Revenue Department (IRD) tax filing for newly incorporated companies falls due 18 months after the incorporation date.
  • Tax authority notifies companies every April 1, who must then file within 30 days.
  • Initial annual audit must be filed within 18 months after incorporation date, unless the company has unlimited liability.
  • An Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held within 18 months of incorporation, at a time and place the directors announce.
  • The Business Registration Certificate must be renewed one to three years post-incorporation, depending on the Certificate issued.
  • Renewal should be no more than one month before expiration.

We remind you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before the due date.

9) Why Hong Kong?

Starting any business in any Asia country will be much easier with Hong Kong company.

Thanks to Hong Kong’s British history, Hong Kong is business friendly country with an open, internationally-minded atmosphere.

English language opens this country to rest of the world. Many companies are attended by this advantage and launching their operations from this country to rest of Asia.

10) What are minimum requirements?

  • 1 director (no restriction on nationality)
  • 1 shareholder (no restriction on nationality)
  • 1 company secretary ( it is required, we can serve as your nominal company secretary)
  • Minimum one share to be issued ($1 HKD=1share)
  • Taxes levied only on profits arising in HK
  • No capital investment required

11) Is this services just for Hong Kong companies?

You don’t need to be a Hong Kong citizen or resident to start a Hong Kong company.

You don’t even have to be physically present in Hong Kong.

Once your firm’s already established in Hong Kong, we can internationally authenticate your documents, so you can easily conduct business or open company bank accounts outside Hong Kong. Simply select that option on the order form. Whether a Hong Kong or international customer, you get the same low price.

12) Who may form a Hong Kong company?

Anyone may form a Hong Kong company. However, a Hong Kong company must have at least one director, one secretary, and a physical location. Startupr will provide a registered office address and secretarial service (see below) so you may serve as director of the company.

13) Can I form a company with only one person?

Yes, the minimum is one shareholder/director. Your company must have a director and a secretary (secretary must be either a Hong Kong resident or local incorporated company). The director also serves as a member of the company.

14) Must have a local secretary?

Yes, but not the type of secretary who does clerical work or answers the phone . Hong Kong incorporation requires you designate a corporate secretary who audits the company to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and represents the company on legal documents. Startupr is ready to act as your corporate secretary if you choose not to provide your own.

15) What is a company and how is it structured?

A company is a legal entity made of up directors, secretaries, and shareholders (members). The director is responsible for the day to day running of the company. The corporate secretary is responsible for general government duties such as making sure returns are filed on time, notifying when addresses change, etc. The shareholder owns the company through holding shares.

16) What are the minimum statutory requirements for forming a company in Hong Kong?

A minimum of one shareholder or director. They need NOT be citizens of Hong Kong, and can be the same person. A minimum issued/paid-up capital of one share worth $1 HKD. A common total share value is $1,000 HKD.

 17) Must I have a physical address for my business in Hong Kong?

Yes, you must have a local registered address. A P.O. Box is not allowed. If you have no Hong Kong address, you may select Startupr’s registered address.

 18) Must I have a bank account in Hong Kong?

You don’t need a Hong Kong bank account, nor must you operate your business in Hong Kong. We work for many international clients who do business in other countries through Hong Kong corporations. You are also free to do business and open a bank account in other states or countries of your choice. Startupr can help you open your business in such places as well.

19) May I conduct business in other countries?

Yes! Citizens of other states and foreign countries are able to own and operate a Hong Kong corporation. You may live anywhere. Hong Kong jurisdiction does not require you, as shareholder(s) or director(s), to hold meetings in Hong Kong.

 20) What are the rules for company names?

You cannot use a company name already in use or in process of being registered. Company names currently in use may be found in the Hong Kong Companies Registry’s Cyber Search Center. If your desired company name is not shown in the Registry, it’s free to use.

Company Name Guidelines require that an English company name end with the word “Limited”. This suffix is “Limited”, not “Ltd.” However, some companies use the “Ltd.”suffix, or no suffix at all.

21) How long does the Hong Kong company formation procedure take?

Startupr is the fastest incorporation provider in Hong Kong. Using the Company Register (CR) provided by the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Hong Kong, Startupr can form a Hong Kong Company in two hours.

22) How much does it cost and what do I receive?

All prices are published in our pricelist.

You may customize your order according your needs.

23) Must I be present in Hong Kong during the company incorporation process?

You need not be physically present at the time of company registration. Startupr will make the necessary arrangements so that you will be able to register your company in Hong Kong remotely, smoothly, and legally. If you’d also like to open a bank account remotely (e.g. with HSBC through an Business Center in your own country), Startupr can help as well.

 24) What documents must I send to incorporate a Hong Kong company? Do I need to sign anything?

Companies Registry requires scanned copies of your passport(s) and proof of address (driver’s license, utility bill(s) phone, water, electricity, etc.)

25) Where can I find out about the entire incorporation procedure from start to finish?

For a clear, step-by-step explanation, just clink the link at the bottom of this page “How it works”

26) What do I receive when incorporation is complete?

You will receive the official documents from the Hong Kong government in order to open a bank account. These include the following: NC1-Certificate of Shares, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Business Certificate.

27) How do I form and register a local limited company in Hong Kong?

  • Choose a company name first.
  • Download our order form and send it back.
  • Forms will be checked for proper completion, and to ensure Startupr has received payment.
  • Incorporation will be processed within a few working days (though usually just 24 hours).
  • Incorporation Forms: NC1 (for company limited by shares), Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Business Certificate.

28) How long does it take to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong?

Once Startupr has the incorporation documents from the Companies Registry, we can proceed with bank account opening. Startupr usually opens new accounts with HSBC, but we can use a different bank if you prefer. The turnaround time for processing is two to ten days.

29) What currency can I use as share capital of a Hong Kong Company?

Share capital of a Hong Kong company can be in any major currency. Usually, share capital is represented in Hong Kong Dollars (e.g. 1 share = $1 HKD).

30) Do I (if not a Hong Kong resident) need to have a Hong Kong partner to incorporate a company?

No, Hong Kong companies do not require a local shareholder or a director.

31) Are Corporate Directors permitted?

A single natural citizen or a board of directors can be appointed. For example, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands may act as director. Any natural person, for instance a citizen of India or the US, may act as corporate director.

32) Can I change the company name once I register the company?

Yes, but you must pass a special resolution called a Notification of Change of Company Name. This must be filed with the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

33) How can I deregister, strike off, and wind up a Hong Kong company?

  • Deregistration is a quick and inexpensive procedure for closing an HK company. Please note that a company can deregister only if it never actually commenced business.
  • Winding up is the process of clearing the accounts and liquidating the assets of an HK company for the purpose of distributing its net assets to members.
  • Striking off takes place when the HK Companies Registry decides to close a company for violation of HK Companies Ordinance.
  • Deregistering, winding up, or striking off a company will result in the dissolution of said company.