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Start your new Hong Kong company & Open a bank account, ALL ONLINE!

How it works

How does company formation work?

Steps in Company Registration

  • Pre-incorporation
  • Incorporation of your HK company
  • Bank account opening
  • Post-incorporation

Set up your Hong Kong company from abroad

You need not be a Hong Kong citizen or resident to start a Hong Kong company. You don’t even have to be physically present in Hong Kong.

Once your firm’s established in Hong Kong, we can internationally authenticate (apostille) your documents so you can easily conduct business or open company bank accounts outside Hong Kong. Simply select that option on the order form. Whether a Hong Kong or international customer, it’s the same low price.

Creating a new company with Startupr is EASY

Startupr affords you the freedom to build your business while we thread the administrative maze. Instead of navigating a complex foreign process, with frustrating delays or misunderstandings, you’re free to focus on running your company.

Instead of worrying over unpredictable differences in international vs. local business cultures, you gain the confidence of dealing with Western, English-speaking staff on the same page as yourself.

At Startupr, you can be sure all communications are clear, efficient, and trustworthy, just as our client testimonials confirm. And because today’s competitive environment means safeguarding your information is critical, especially when operating overseas, where ideas and research are fair game, Startupr always keeps your data strictly confidential. We never share your name or business concepts with anyone.

Our special software

A key feature of our Backoffice is special software that not only corrects errors as you complete our application, but automatically populates your information on remaining documents. Startupr also triggers automatic reminders of important annual filings, and uploads documents to your Hong Kong government Companies Registry account.

Don’t miss anything important

Well before your annual company return or other deadlines fall due, we remind you to prepare the documentation. By avoiding unpleasant surprises, you stay focused on your business.

How do I get in on this?

Just click the button “Register Company Now”, at the top of this page. Then follow the instructions, selecting what we can do for your firm. You may find it convenient simply to register using our address, or let us handle the basics of setting up your company. Like many of our clients, you may prefer the advantages of the complete package for company formation: incorporation, use of our company address, our company secretary (nominal), annual return, documents certified by the HK government, plus bank account opening. Whether you already have your own address, or someone to act as your nominal company secretary, or even know how to file an annual HK return, you’re free to decide what you need. With Startupr, the choice is always yours.

Once the form’s completed and payment made, our unique Backoffice translates your data into the html code required by HK Companies Registry, and your firm is quickly incorporated. Startupr’s process is entirely online, requiring little of your time. Simply put, our prices are low because our efficiencies are high.

Company Incorporation in Hong Kong – 3 or 4 steps:

  1. Pre-incorporation

  • First, on Startupr’s homepage, click “Check company name”. In the window that appears, fill in the name you’ve selected, and click “submit request”.  In seconds, thanks to our exclusive system, you’ll know whether this name’s available.
  • Fill in our order form online, or download and complete a hardcopy, then mail to our postal address.
  • Startupr’s Backoffice assembles all your information for submission to HK Companies Registry through our own access point.
  • As soon as your application’s received, Startupr’s exclusive Backoffice checks to ensure your forms are correct. If not, we let you know at once.
  • Complete payment.
  1. Incorporation

  • Startupr submits your application through our Backoffice via our portal to Companies Registry (CR = The Government Office of the Hong Kong SAR). Startupr’s access to Companies Registry is round the clock. Government processing is normally less than 2 hours.
  • You receive emailed Companies Registry notice that your company’s incorporated.
  • Startupr sends documents for your signature. You then scan and email signed hardcopies back to us.
  1. Bank account opening

  • Once you have all necessary documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, NC1 form, Memorandum and Articles of Association), Startupr can set up a meeting with an appropriate HSBC, Hang Seng, Standard Charter, or Bank of China business account manager to open a bank account. In some cases, you need not travel to Hong Kong to open your company bank account, but please contact us for details.
  1. Post-incorporation

  • When the annual return falls due, you complete the return, and hold the required Annual General Meeting (AGM). Startupr reminds you of these dates well ahead of time.

    5.  Fast incorporation service

  • If Startupr receives your order and payment before 10 A.M. (Hong Kong Time / +8 Greenwich Mean Time), we normally process your application within 60 minutes.
  • Our Backoffice, which enjoys round-the-clock access to the HK government Companies Registry (CR) office, submits your application directly through our own channel.
  • The CR office usually takes two hours or less from our online submission to electronic issuance of your company documents.
  • You and Startupr each receive e-documents of the Business Registration Certificate and Incorporation Certificate containing your new company name and official number.
  • After that, you’re in business, and can start using your firm to build profits.
  • If you wish to open a Hong Kong business bank account, we prepare a set of CPA certified copies of company documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Association, NNC1 Form (includes director/shareholder details), additional fee may apply.
  • If you choose expedited courier service, you can usually get everything here in two days. While we are naturally unable to guarantee processing time for the Companies Registry itself, or postal and delivery services, all are normally swift and reliable.

Registering your Hong Kong company:

  • You need not be a Hong Kong resident to open a company.
  • Simply complete Startupr’s application form online or return it to us by e-mail, fax, or post.

De-registration of Hong Kong Limited Company

1. Company Renewal VS Company De-registration
Company Renewal includes the below services:
Registered office, appointment of company secretary, Annual Return, Business Registration Certificate, Annual General Meeting
De-registration include the following fees to be settled:
Annual Return, Business Registration Certificate, Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department documents, appointment of company liquidator, directors resolution
2. Requirements for applying  for de-registration
  • all members of the company agree to de-register the company
  • the company has not commenced any business or has ceased operation for more than 3 months; if the company has commenced business, an audited account is required to submit to Inland Revenue Department
  • the company has no outstanding liabilities, i.e. fees or documents
  • submit complete application to obtain “no objection letter” from Inland Revenue Department and then from Companies Registry
3. What are the pending documents we need to file and submit before submitting the application?
Companies Registry(CR)
Annual Return
Inland Revenue Department(IRD)
Business Registration Certificate Renewal
Profits Tax Return
Please note that de-registration will not be processed if you fail to file any of the above on time.
4. The de-registration procedure?
Inland Revenue Department(IRD)
First of all, we will submit documents the following documents: IR1263, HKD 270, Power of Attorney and will apply for a no objection letter from Inland Revenue Department(IRD). After IRD has confirmed receiving all required documents and fees are cleared, we will receive the no objection letter from IRD in around 1 month.
Companies Registry(CR)
We will submit the IRD no objection letter along with HKD 420 and NDR1 to apply for CR no objection letter. After CR has confirmed receiving all required documents and fees are cleared, CR will publish a notice of the proposed de-registration in the Gazette and we will need to wait for 3 month for the status to be approved. If there is no objection for the company to de-register, CR will publish a Final Notice in the Gazette to declare the company to be de-registered and dissolved, then we will receive a no objection letter from CR.
5. When should I close the company bank account?
We suggest closing down the company before proceeding with de-registration unless there are still outstanding transactions. Closure of the bank account will be mentioned in the CR no objection letter to remind applicants of proper disposal of the company’s property.
6. How to restore de-registered company?
You can apply for the Court of First Instance to restore the de-registered company. Please bear in mind of know-how on regulations. It usually takes 2 months to restore a de-registered company if required documents are submitted and court order is obtained.
7. What should I keep maintaining before the de-registration process is done?
You will need:
– local company secretary
– registered office address
– audited financial reports (if the company has commenced business)
8. De-registration VS Winding-up (i.e. dissolved by liquidation)
Both aim at dissolution of the company.
A company with no liability can de-register the company and the whole process will be done in 6-8 months.
A company with liability will need to wind-up the company and the whole process will take longer than 1 year.

Note: Startupr is TCSP Licensee No. TC003638 of Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers, Companies Registry.