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Hong Kong Company Guide

Congratulations! Your Hong Kong company is successfully incorporated. Now you must take note of the formal duties required by law each year for your new Hong Kong firm.

Startupr’s guide to these requirements helps you manage your business effectively while maintaining its legal obligations.

Annual Requirements for Hong Kong Companies

1. Notification of business commencement

All newly incorporated companies in Hong Kong are obliged to notify the Inland Revenue Department, in writing, of the company’s nature of business, business description, business address, and date of business commencement.
Due Date: no more than 1 month after business commencement.

2. Annual Return

The annual return must include a complete list of officers & directors.
Due Date: Within 42 days of the anniversary of your initial registration date.
Fee: $25 USD Companies Registry fee.
We remind you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before the due date.

3. Profit Tax Return

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) requires a tax filing for each newly incorporated company.
Due Date: within 3 months of receipt of Profit Tax Return forms from IRD, normally 1-2 months before the company’s second anniversary of incorporation.

Your first Profit Tax Return comprises the initial 18 months after incorporation.
“NIL” profit tax return – for firms which have not yet commenced business.Profit Tax Return – profit tax rate of 16.5% applies.
Offshore Profits Tax Exemption – If all of a company’s income derives from sources outside Hong Kong, the profit tax rate is 0%.

In this case, Startupr will submit an offshore claim on behalf of your company. The Inland Revenue Department then issues a query letter requesting further information and documentation. If a company successfully demonstrates its sources of income as outside Hong Kong, such income will be exempt from Hong Kong tax.
We will notify you as soon as we receive your Profit Tax Return forms from the Inland Revenue Department.

4. Initial Annual Audit

An initial annual audit of the newly incorporated company must be conducted.
Due within 18 months after incorporation. Exceptions may apply for companies with unlimited liability.

5. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An annual general meeting is mandatory each year, the initial meeting being within 18 months of the incorporation date. Subsequent annual meetings must be held no later than 12 months from the anniversary date of incorporation.

6. Business Registration Certificate

Each Hong Kong company must renew its business certificate.
Due Date: 1-3 years post-incorporation, depending on the issuance date, but no later than 1 month before expiration of the current valid business certificate.
We remind you by email 1-2 months before the due date.


  • Date of notification of business commencement
  • Annual Return
  • Profit Tax Return
  • Annual Audit
  • AGM
  • Business Registration Certificate