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Providing a Hong Kong Company Secretary

Hong Kong is Asia’s regional business hub and boasts an energetic and international service sector. It is the most efficient place in the world for incorporating a company. Hong Kong has lured foreign investors with its tax-friendly policies, trade policies, free market, free business environment, easy company incorporation procedure and excellent infrastructure. Also, no capital gains taxes or exchange controls are used on products and consumer goods.

Its location as the business center in Asia and proximity to the China market has opened up the opportunities for companies. There are comparatively few limitations on global investments, and that is why it is known as an investor-friendly business city.

It is an easy and straightforward process to set up a company in Hong Kong and become a director and shareholder of a company. Various entrepreneurs are starting their own company or setting up another company in their name in Hong Kong to take advantage of the benefits it offers.

Hence, its low barrier to entry and friendly business culture makes it extremely sought after for startups and new business owners with great potential here.

A company must have at least one director, one secretary, and a physical location in Hong Kong. According to the Companies Ordinance of the laws of Hong Kong, each company in Hong Kong is required to appoint a company secretary who must reside there or a company must have a body corporate that has its registered office in Hong Kong. So, if you are thinking of starting a business in Hong Kong, it is a must to either have a registered agent or a company secretary.

Startupr can provide both a registered office address and a company secretary so that you can easily serve as director of the company. Startupr can act as your registered agent. The secretary is responsible for general government duties such as notifying when addresses change and making sure returns are filed on time.

Registered Agent

If you want to open a company in Hong Kong, you are required to appoint a registered agent. In order to serve as a registered agent, not only must the individual be a resident, but he or she must have an actual physical address within Hong Kong. A company having its physical address can also serve as a registered agent.
With a registered agent, you can easily commence the services in Hong Kong. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time and patience to handle all the courier documents, packages, and signings coming daily to their address. The registered agent can provide you with all the documentation services along with a business address for your company.

Startupr can also provide you with the same service.

Company Secretary

A highly-experienced company secretary is required for a company to manage all the compliance matters. The company would be liable to ensure that the directors are reminded and enabled to concentrate on pursuing the strategic aims of the company. Moreover, it would also become both cost-effective and easy to make sure that the company complies with the law for each and everything that is done in the company.

To explain this better, the secretary is not like a regular desk receptionist. They have the duty to ensure compliance with all laws that are related to the working of a company. Therefore, understanding the rules and corporate laws related to a company are obligatory to hold the business in excellent standing with the government.

It is unacceptable for a business to have a company secretary who continually files late returns along with forgetting to notify you the time you receive crucial documents or about important government filings. This can cause unnecessary strain and delays for the operations of your business. It may also cause government penalties which need to be paid.

Moreover, it is vital as per the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong that every limited company has to have a company secretary. And if you wish to choose Startupr as a company secretary, you can do so on the request form. We make sure you get all the things on time and also manage the complete post-incorporation process along with the vital documents.

Nonetheless, if you decide to register the paperwork yourself, and merely require to utilize our services where we act as your company secretary, choose so on the order form. Be informed that any illegal use of a company secretary, including ours, has to be reported by the law to the CR (Companies Registry) of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Should I have a local secretary?

According to Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32) of the Laws of Hong Kong, each company is required to hire a company secretary who must reside in Hong Kong or an organization having its registered office in Hong Kong.

Company secretaries need to make sure that the company is in compliance with the requirements of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and must keep the record of all the statutory documents of the company.

Please note that the “Secretary” in this regards refers to a corporate secretary and not a personal or clerical secretarial assistant. It is a professional and licensed agency mainly responsible for the compliance and statutory requirement of the company.

In Hong Kong, the sole director or shareholder cannot act as company secretary. You need to appoint a company secretary. The secretary will represent your company for all the government filings and any requirements in the compliance for good standing of the company.

The legal duties of a company secretary are generally as follows:

  • Provision of a registered office address for receipt of government mail.
  • Preparation and filing of the Annual Return.
  • Incorporation of Hong Kong companies.
  • Provision of a Hong Kong resident company secretary as required by HK company law.
  • Conducting the issuance and transfer of shares.
  • Taking note of all the appointments and resignations of directors.
  • Verifying the deregistration of companies.
  • Attending to other statutory corporate compliance issues.

If you hire Startupr, we will handle all the above-mentioned duties of a company secretary, and we will act as your local company secretary as well as registered agent.

Change of Company Secretary

Don’t like the services of your current company secretary? You can easily transfer your current Hong Kong company secretary to that of Startupr. We will check if your company is in good standing, and what the required documents are to update your company.

You need to follow a simple process, which is:

  • Request we act as your company secretary.
  • After we receive your request, we will plan and print the material required for changing your recorded company secretary.
  • As the company director, you will need to sign the change in company secretary notification form.
  • If you cannot come to our office, you can sign and email us the copy form, which we will document upon receipt.
  • Meanwhile, we will change the recorded secretary online through the Companies Registry.
  • Startupr will then be your new company secretary

Renewal of Existing Clients

If you are our current client, you can choose to renew services with us and continue the business registration. You would be notified by Startupr when your renewal is due via email. Moreover, you do not need to worry since you would be given ample amount of time to prepare for it along with our service fees. We usually notify you about six weeks before the anniversary date for the company renewal.

Moreover, it is vital to always be on time to file for the renewals, since there can be several penalties applied otherwise. This includes the late filing of the annual return, renewal of the business registration certificate, and many other fillings as per the obligations of the CR.

When the renewal comes due, Startupr would automatically take care of the renewal process for the business registration certificate. Other than that, Startupr also takes care of the filing of the annual return and notifies you regarding the annual general meeting of the directors. We would keep updating the government records of the company particulars and send the copy of the records to you.

Also, if you are already utilizing the business address and the mail forwarding system with Startupr, you can renew the service and give the payment for all of it together as it is much easier for you to keep track of all the payments and details during this time.

It would also help you to remember that you need to file your return during this time and renew other things as well. In case you want to get additional services other than these, you can inquire about these and have them placed in our system for these services.

Why Choose Startupr?

Startupr provides a full-range of specialized corporate secretarial service to clients. We commit to reduce the uncertainties and answer the doubts of our clients when encountering related laws. We also evaluate whether the company strategy is meeting with statutory requirements of the Hong Kong jurisdiction. We provide information about the latest and relevant corporate laws and regulations and analyze the impacts facing the company.

What makes us different?

Our unique SameDay system: It checks your information as you enter it in the form. Our system automatically conveys your data to the Companies Registry forms, and then we submit them directly to the relevant government portal.

We offer the lowest rates because our system is simply the most effective, and our communication with our international clients is straightforward, clear and reliable. Our efficiencies go well beyond our offices. Quick and clean filings leave you more time for your own business, free of anxiety or stress. We handle all these document filing so you can handle your firm!

As your company secretary, we remind you:

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) that must be held within 18 months of incorporation after the announcement.
  • To renew the Business Registration Certificate. We will remind you of this requirement via email 1-2 months prior the due date.
  • Annual return which includes the list of officers & directors. Tt must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of the initial registration date.
  • Notification about due dates for each entity

Startupr will gladly serve you as your trusted company secretary with many years of experience in the field of company formation and secretarial services. We strive to provide high-quality one-stop services for all your company needs. You can be sure that everything will be taken care of by us at Startupr.