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Start your new Hong Kong company & Open a bank account, ALL ONLINE!

Statrys – Digital Payment Platform for Hong Kong Business

If you are looking for a digital payment platform for your Hong Kong business to help you manage your business finances, Statrys should be on your radar. This digital platform aims to uncover access for banking solutions that a traditional bank offers. It offers comprehensive services to small business owners ranging from international payments, multi-currency payment facilities, and direct market access to foreign exchange. So, be in control of your business transactions through this digital payment platform.

Statrys – Digital Platform Offering Payment & Forex Solutions to SMEs

Statrys serves small and medium-sized enterprises and startups with a reimagined banking experience. This digital platform offers banking services as per the requirements of your business. Moreover, it offers payment & FOREX solutions to SMEs.

About Statrys

Statrys offers numerous benefits to small-sized business owners. There are many times when small-sized businesses remain underserved by banks. This platform believes that businesses won’t need to have a traditional bank account to operate their business transactions. If you are not sure whether you need this platform, ask these five simple questions to better understand your banking requirements.

  1. Would you like to have access to banking services to operate your business?
  2. Do you feel satisfied with the bank you are dealing with?
  3. Do they offer you exceptional services for your business?
  4. Do you find problems while dealing with international payments?
  5. Are you looking for any digital platforms?

This line of questioning will help you understand which type of banking services you would require for your business. Traditional banks sometimes don’t offer the same services to SME’s that they offer big corporations. If you have a small business and are worried about access to banking services, Startrys helps by leveraging digital technologies by offering painless and frictionless client experience by supporting complex operations.

There are certain times when banks close accounts of businesses for various reasons, such as low account balances or complicated compliance issues, which cause businesses to suffer. That’s how the idea of Statrys was born. This platform helps those SMEs with alternative traditional banking services whenever banks are not serving them.

Developed in Hong Kong, Statrys is doing its best to rapidly expand its business wings in Europe, Asia-Pacific, America, and provide additional support to SMEs and start-ups beyond its borders.

Features of Statrys

Statrys always believes in offering the best banking experience to business owners by providing services that help resolve their banking services issues. This digital payment platform offers those services so that business owners won’t have to visit a bank branch again for their business transactions.

Their key features include:

  • 24/7 control of your financial affairs – Statrys allows businesses to have 24/7 control on their financial transactions. In this way, companies can run their business any time from all over the world.
  • Real-time tracking of your payments – Another feature is real-time tracking options, which allows you to easily check the status of your payments.
  • User Access – With Statrys, you can easily manage your business accounts and give access to your team members, including full functionality or read-only access.
  • FOREX tailored for SMEs – It offers the same FOREX services to small and medium sized enterprises as those provided to big corporations. Be in control of your foreign currency transactions and protect your profit margin.
  • Multi-currencies accounts fit for the business – Try out this digital payment platform. It will help you manage your finances properly. It is completely online with hassle-free services.
  • Simple and transparent pricing – Statrys pricing for opening a business account is pretty simple and transparent. It starts at HKD88 per month, and you can enjoy using this platform as per your business requirements. The others fees include:
    • HKD incoming & outgoing payment – Zero Fees
    • Non HKD incoming payment – HKD 65 maximum / payment
    • Non HKD outgoing payment – HKD 110 / payment
    • Multi-currency business account
    • Multilingual customer support

Easy account opening (Open account remotely and online without travel)

Statrys offers an easy and straightforward three step solution to open an account online without any need to be physically present in a branch.

  1. Sign up on the platform.
  2. Fill out the application about your business. It takes less than 10 minutes.
  3. Statrys will check the application, and if they find it satisfactory, then you can use the account in 48 hrs.

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What is the difference between opening a bank account with a traditional bank and Statrys?

There are a lot of differences between opening a bank account with Statrys and having a traditional bank account. The first reason is that this payment platform is completely digital. Business owners can enjoy banking services without the need to collect a lot of paper documents and wait in branch queues.

Secondly, Statrys allows you to have full control of your business finances in one place. Finally, it also allows businesses to easily make payments, view balances, add beneficiaries, and manage their users online!

This platform is 100% digital and reachable on preferred channels business owners choose, whether it’s Whatsapp, emails, or calls.

Can I apply for an account if my company is not incorporated in Hong Kong?

Even though this payment platform was developed in Hong Kong, Statrys is expanding its business wings in various jurisdictions to help business owners manage their business finances. Whether you have set up your business in Hong Kong or internationally, Statrys accepts applications for companies incorporated in different jurisdictions. If your company has been incorporated in the below jurisdictions, then they can make an application:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • The British Virgin Islands

Statrys is doing their best to extend its services to other parts of the world too. It is expected that this list will be extended in the near future.

Need any assistance in opening an account in Statrys?

This article is all about the digital payment platform Statrys. If you want to open a business account in Statrys, and need some information about it, contact Statupr today.

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