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Start your new Hong Kong company & Open a bank account, ALL ONLINE!

CIM Banque – Open Offshore Bank Account Online for Hong Kong Company

Have you planned out all the essential details for incorporating your new business in Hong Kong? If so, now, it’s high time to open a bank account. As soon as the business is set up in Hong Kong, you will need to open a business bank account. Considering the territorial advantage of Hong Kong, business ventures can choose from opening an onshore or offshore bank account.

The mechanics of setting up a business bank account is similar to whether you want to opt for an offshore bank account or onshore bank account. However, offshore bank accounts offer more flexibility and benefits to run the business smoothly from anywhere in the world.

Offshore Bank Account for Hong Kong Company

An offshore bank account is an account which is set up outside the jurisdiction of the country where the company is incorporated. This type of bank account offers numerous benefits to the business that wants to trade internationally. Let’s read about the reason to open an offshore bank account for your Hong Kong company.

Why open an offshore bank account for your Hong Kong company?

An offshore or international bank account is generally opened in a different jurisdiction from where the company is incorporated. You don’t need an HK corporate bank account in order to start a business operation in Hong Kong. Corporates who can’t travel to HK because of the current crisis, can also open a bank account by opting for an offshore bank account.

Startupr recommends corporates to open offshore bank accounts because of the numerous benefits they give their businesses.

An offshore bank account permits business owners to trade through multiple currencies. To be more precise, they can operate the business transaction using various currencies. It also lets you have the credit or debit cards linked to multiple currencies.

When you open an offshore bank account, it permits the business owners to enjoy the round-the-clock access to your finances through online banking services.

If you are really searching for ways to expand your business and get international exposure, there is nothing better than opening an offshore bank account. A bank account outside the territory of Hong Kong is the critical component for shielding you from political, economic as well as capital control risks. Generally, the offshore banks are quite safer because of their more conservative management.

Are you thinking of opening a foreign bank account, but still confused about its benefits? Below are some of the benefits of having an international account in Hong Kong:

  • No need to travel – You don’t need to visit Hongkong before you can open order to open a foreign or offshore bank account in the country. You can apply for a remote offshore bank account Startupr can help you!
  • Multi-currencies bank account – An offshore bank account permits business owners to trade through multiple currencies.
  • Online/Digital banking facilities – Offshore bank accounts also offer digital banking facilities and you can have constant, round-the-clock access to your finances from anywhere in the world.
  • Multilingual support team – Don’t worry about language barriers to opening a foreign account for your business. It offers a user-friendly interface with facilities in a wide range of languages.
  • Credit or debit cards available – It lets you have the credit or debit cards linked to multiple currencies so that you can easily set up automatic bill payments in various currencies.

Read more about offshore bank account advantages.

CIM Banque

With the massive exposure of international business, demand is high for both offshore and onshore business bank accounts. Customers want to enjoy benefits from the most business-friendly jurisdictions where new bank accounts can be opened without being physically present. If you are thinking of opening an offshore bank account, but don’t want to travel, you can always opt for CIM Banque.

About CIM Banque

Being a leading Switzerland and Geneva private bank, CIM Banque offers financial and personal services to institutional and private clients. It also provides clients with debit/credit card facilities, all through the high-performance internet banking system. Swiss banks are the most trusted business accounts all around the world. CIM Banque offers similar facilities to the business owners as the onshore accounts provide.

Personal & Corporate Banking Services

CIM Banque can help you supervise your company’s online transfers and expenses through their corporate and e-banking tools. It also helps you in asset management by offering a wide range of international trade services.

Open a CIM Banque Account Remotely

With CIM Banque, you can enjoy a remote offshore bank account opening facility without even visiting the office in person. The process of opening a CIM Banque account is straightforward. Corporates will only need to complete their application form online and submit the scanned or pdf version of the signed documents.

After completing the compliance checking, the bank officer will schedule a video call to gather more information about your business.

Startupr introduces you to banking

Many international banks prefer to prioritize account applications which are applied through company formation providers. If you want your application to be addressed easily, you should contact a professional firm. Here, Startupr acts as your company secretary and will help you gather all the required documents and flexibility to assist the bank with its requests. We will represent your firm to the bank and help them go through your application.

The documents required for opening the bank account include:

  • Company documents
  • Due Diligence documents (To provide all directors, shareholders and UBO’s passport and proof of address etc.)
  • Business supporting documents (detailed business plan, invoice, agreement etc.)

Time to open a bank account

CIM Banque offers online banking services with a user-friendly interface. Customers can contact the bank without any language barriers because it offers services in a wide range of languages (English, French, Russian, etc.).

Moreover, it offers online transaction services to business owners, including worldwide payments, checking account balance, trading, and money transfer. All these facilities are available through mobile devices and computers. CIM Banque client support is quickly available through live chat, phone call-back or email.

Initial deposit and Maintenance deposit

The first minimum deposit for opening the account is 5’000 EUR / 5’000 USD / 5’000 CHF.

Fees and Charges

  • The incoming Payment is $15 USD
  • Outcoming Payment – $3.50 USD
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee – $40 USD
  • Application Fee – $150 USD or free of charge*

*Initial deposit of 10,000 USD/EUR waives the account opening fee. Find the full price list here.

Update on October 2020: CIM Banque has changed their compliance requirements, please contact us at Startupr for more details. We can further assist you if you’re interested in opening a bank account in Singapore.