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Start your new Hong Kong company & Open a bank account, ALL ONLINE!

CIM Banque

Totally Online Bank Account Opening


The massive expansion of international business has driven parallel demand for onshore as well as for offshore bank accounts. Customers benefit most from business-friendly jurisdictions where new bank accounts may be opened without personal visits.


Worldwide, Swiss banks are traditionally the most trusted. If you’re considering an offshore bank for your Hong Kong company but don’t wish to travel, you may find CIM Banque just right. Its offshore options are similar to onshore accounts, and you can open a business account online without ever leaving home.



CIM Banque


A leading Geneva, Switzerland private bank, CIM Banque provides financial services to private and institutional clients, along with debit and credit cards, all through a high performance internet banking system.


Opening a Bank Account Remotely


CIM Banque allows customers to open a bank account without ever visiting their office in person. The straightforward process involves simply completing an online application form and submitting scans or pdfs of signed documents, after which a bank officer schedules a short videoconference meeting. You need only web access and a webcam on your computer or mobile device.


Continuous Access


CIM Banque online banking enjoys a user-friendly interface, in a wide range of languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.). Online transactions include checking account balance, worldwide payments, money transfers, trading, and more, all through an online system accessible through your computer or mobile device. CIM Banque client support is quickly available through live chat, phone call-back, or email.


Cashless Transactions


CIM Banque offers VISA, MasterCard, and American Express payment cards. It also offers customers the Swiss Bankers Travel Cash Card, a pre-paid card ideal for traveling.


Startupr Introduces You


Startupr’s relationship with CIM Banque is well-established. We’ve helped our customers remotely open accounts with multiply advantageous features. If you choose CIM Banque, we’ll introduce you and your Hong Kong company to bank officers and help prepare all necessary documents.


Fees and Charges


Incoming Payment – $15 USD

Outcoming Payment – $3.50 USD

Monthly Maintenance Fee – $40 USD

Application Fee – $150 USD or free of charge*


*Initial deposit of 20,000 USD/EUR waives the account opening fee. Full price list here.


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